Girls Love To Read

Last month I downloaded two of Ann Aguirre’s new New Adult novels based entirely on the fact all of the titles in the trilogy are Back Street Boy titles. Yes, I am that shallow. I love the Back Street Boys. It’s so old-school, and I’d love to know if Ann loves them as much as the rest of the world do. (SHE MUST, SURELY!) I absolutely devoured I Want It That Way – finding Nadia and Ty’s story.

Soooooo since I was the only person who hadn’t seen or read The Fault In Our Stars, I’ve been rectifying that recently. I read the book on the plane home from England (yes, bright idea Leah) and it made me cry (not as much as it did for some people, but enough since I was on a plane – it’s never really okay to cry on the plane but I was by myself and no one noticed!!!).

If you don’t already know I live in Tenerife. One of seven islands that make up the Canary Islands, near Africa but they’re Spanish islands. Why is this relevant? For some reason, publishers are obsessed about where their readers live! I don’t live in the UK or America or Australia, and I never see “We accept Spanish requests only” on Netgalley, because to be perfectly truthful Spain doesn’t seem to have much of a book scene.

We’ve been able to run some really awesome giveaways on the site, but the one we have for you today is probably the best of the lot. Today we are giving away a KINDLE PAPERWHITE. I KNOW!!!!! #amazing, right? Thanks to the fabulous Iva-Marie Palmer, author of THE SUMMER, we are giving away a Kindle Paperwhite, loaded with The Summer plus a The Summers-themed Kindle cover! YAY! Exciting stuff, eh? This is a US ONLY giveaway!

Today we’re kicking off a two week tour for Amy Griffin’s novel BEFORE YOU SAY YES! The tour is taking place for the next two weeks, so if you want to keep track of the tour (and you should – because there’s some AWESOME content coming up during the whole 10 days including reviews, giveaways, interviews, guest posts…) We’re kicking off the tour, with a review to come later on today and here’s the rest of the tour schedule.

When I was offered the chance to review The Good Girl, I was quite excited, as it was being outed as this year’s Gone Girl (which I still haven’t read…). I enjoy books with a psychological edge, having read The Accident by C.L. However, I must confess that the last two thrillers I’ve read haven’t really been on their a-game.

For a while now it’s been quite difficult for me to continue to receive review copies from publishers – publishers are starting their own websites to give copies to book bloggers, and they’re UK/Ireland residents only; publishers aren’t willing to send to Spain; and people will offer copies and then not bother sending them. It’s tough, I will confess. One of my greatest pleasures has always been seeing what post arrives each day – it’s such a privilege.

For those who regularly read the site you’ll know by now that I love the New Adult genre, and I adore the fact that it has brought me some fantastic new authors to enjoy and read! Cassia Leo is an author who I know is very popular on the NA scene, and so when I spotted her Shattered Hearts trilogy on Netgalley, I downloaded all three immediately, although I have yet to read them so when I was offered the chance to take part in Cassia’s blog tour for the UK publication of her new book Black Box, I was very excited. It sounded like a fantastic novel and I liked the idea of fate being a major player in the book, I quite like the idea of fate, although I’m not always so sure I believe in it and I was very excited to see how Mikki and Crush’s paths had intertwined so many times.

If you dig too deep you could probably find a lot wrong with Black Box, but I took it for what it was and I rather let all the nonsensical, too-good-to-be-true stuff slide because it made for a better story. So what if there were no repercussions for what Crush did, or that there were too many instances of fate, when there was an awesome love story unfurling between two characters who deserved nothing better than to find each other?! I read books for enjoyment, not to tear them apart and it’s the work of a great writer when things that might usually bother me, don’t. I’ve learnt to just go with the flow when I’m reading and I just loved Mikki and Crush’s story. It’s not all butterflies and flowers and pie-in-the-sky happiness, but I liked that meeting Crush forced Mikki to perhaps re-think what she wanted with her life, to live, and that was beautiful. I loved Black Box, sure it wasn’t perfect, but I loved getting to know Mikki and Crush and barely put the book down once I’d started it!