About us

Girls Love To Read started life as Chick Lit Reviews (And News) back in March 2009 as a place to discuss all my favourite Chick Lit books, but over the years my reading habits have evolved and changed and I am no longer the Chick Lit only girl I once was! I am now far more open to new genres, and I will read anything that appeals to me – Chick Lit, Young Adult, New Adult, Crime, Literary. As long as the cover and synopsis appeal to me, I will give it a shot!

The site has had many, many different designs and ideas over the years, but I have finally settled on something that suits me as a blogger. There are no more days where three posts go up each and every day (I just don’t have that much to say, it turns out) and now I post what I want, when I want. I primarily review a book every day (I have to keep up!) but you can also find other, shorter reviews on my GoodReads page (I’ve found I don’t always have the unbiased review words for books these days) so if you want my full, unfiltered opinion, add me as a friend on GoodReads! (This is mostly for the books I DNF.)

As well as an avid book reader, I am also an avid lover of American TV shows so introduced during 2014 is more TV-centric talk, where each week I discuss what I’m watching, as well as what I’m reading. I’m also offering more insight into my life, and into my blogging life, and talking about anything and everything so while this blog will always be a book blog, I’m unafraid to post about anything that I feel like posting about! :)

Thank you for stopping by the site – it really means a lot. And if you’ve read all of this, you must be a star.